In 2012, owners Jason and Shelby Scarlatta
from Baltimore, Maryland, began the on-going adventure of Whiskey Bottom Candle Company.

Although they had no prior experience with candle-making, their professional backgrounds gave them an edge. Shelby, a registered nurse for 20 years, uses her scientific approach to carefully test candles and their fragrances, while Jason, a union pipefitter for over 20 years, uses a hands-on technique to craft each candle.

Whiskey Bottom Candle Company began with the simple joy of loving candles. Now, as professional candle-makers, their dream has become a reality. They’re thrilled to light up your spirits.

Why Whiskey Bottom?

We’ll not only raise a glass—we’ll fill it.

We strive to offer unique candles crafted and poured especially by us, especially for you. Whiskey Bottom Candle Company focuses on offering an environmentally friendly product, so utilizing reclaimed whiskey and liquor bottles and reusable whiskey glasses is an important factor in our process. Each candle is then poured by hand with U.S. grown, clean and long-burning soy wax blended with thoroughly tested fragrances and shipped right to you.

Our Process



We personally gather used wine and whiskey bottles from local businesses, which are then cleaned and prepared for cutting.



Each bottle is cut, ground, and given a smooth finish. Now it is a beautiful, unique holder ready for your favorite scent.



The soy wax is melted and one of our featured fragrances is added. Then the wax is poured by hand.



Like a fine wine or whiskey, our candles are aged perfectly to allow for the optimal scent once they reach your door. Cheers!