Wineberry – Farmhouse Candle


Inspired by our love of farmhouses & the small farm movement. We are pleased to introduce Farmhouse Candles by Whiskey Bottom Candle Company.

Our Farmhouse Candles are available in 6 fragrances that remind us of the farmhouses we’ve visited:  Honeysuckle, Fresh Brew, Honeybee Harvest, Sweet Tea, Fresh Cut Grass and Wineberry. These are cute 6 oz candles in jelly jar style containers topped with a rustic metal lid. Assorted label color.

We hope you love them as much as we do!

Wineberry – A wineberry is a wild raspberry variety. It’s sweet with a hint of green.  Our fragrance is the same mildly sweet berry notes with a hint of green…it’s not like a typical raspberry or berry fragrance you may have tried before.